Camping cooking set. Cooking olive oil.

Camping Cooking Set

camping cooking set

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Camp Cook Set

Camp Cook Set

Just a small bag containing everything I need to cook for myself:
- MSR Blacklite Pan
- MSR Deep Dish
- MSR Pocket Rocket stove
- fuel cannister
- salt and pepper shaker
- folding spatula
- titanium spork
- P-38 can opener
- one-gallon ziploc bag
- Rapala bait knife
I can get by with that indefinitely. Makes me rethink all my kitchen gadgets...

Camping Set-Up

Camping Set-Up

A time-lapse of us setting up our camp-site in Mesa Verde National Park, and making some tasty chilli-dogs.

Music by Farquar Muckenfuss, called "I Think, A Convenience Store"

camping cooking set

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