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High School Cooking Class

high school cooking class

    high school
  • A school that typically comprises grades 9 through 12, attended after primary school or middle school

  • High school is used in some parts of the world, particularly in Scotland, North America and Oceania to describe an institution that provides all or part of secondary education. The term "high school" originated in Scotland with the world's oldest being the Royal High School (Edinburgh) in 1505.

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Govt. High School, Theog ( 10th Class 1957-58 )

Govt. High School, Theog ( 10th Class 1957-58 )

Govt. High School, Theog ( 10th Class 1957-58 )

1 Row Chairs L to R :-Sh.Chet Ram, Sh.M.L.Persaik(Clerk), Sh.Surat Singh S.V., Sh.Amba Dutt O.T., Sh.Vishnu Chandra B.A.L.T., Sh. Nand Kishore B.A.B.T.Headmaster, Sh.K.R.Prabhakar M.A.Ph.D., Sh.Shabeg Singh Bsc.B.T., Sh.Surat Ram J.V.(PTI), Sh.Agya Dutt S.V. , Sh.Atma Ram Khachi J.V.

2nd Row Standing L to R :-Ram Krishan, Hira Lal, Madan Singh, Balak Ram, Sohan Lal Sharma, Udi Ram, Mohan Singh, Mathu Ram, Lachi Ram, Udi Ram, Prabhu Dayal, Atma Ram, Uma Datt

3rd Row Standing L to R:-Rama Nand Sharma, Lakshman Singh, Sadh Ram, Kishore Singh, Om Perkash, Nank Chand Sharma, Mangat Ram, Shadi Lal Sharma, Sohan lal Sharma, Balkrishan, Sita Ram, Sher Singh, Jai Singh, Moti Ram

4th Row Standing L to R:-Rama Nand Bhaskar, Ram saran, mansa ram, Gita Ram, Kewal Ram, Ratti Ram, satya nand Sharma, Bhagat Singh, Chet Ram, Tak Dass, Kishori lal, Budhi Ram, Inder singh, Parma Nand

Sitting on Floor :-Hari Nand (Peon), Deep Ram, Sita Ram, Dhayan Singh (Cook), Krishna Kumari, Shishu Kumar, Shayama Nand, Shanti Sagar, Khabdoo (Chowkidar)

High School Dinner ...Rachel

High School Dinner ...Rachel

Rachel's cooking class prepared and served a dinner Friday evening, under the direction of a local chef. They did a wonderful job, and we had a lot of fun attending. Unfortunately, the "photographer" brought the wrong lens, but I made due.

high school cooking class

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